About us


The freedom which can only be offered in the confidence of a beautiful outfit. The type of freedom which can only be expressed through what one chooses to wear.

Welcome to Liberté, a Sydney born brand owned and operated by a mother and daughter duo who are passionate about all beautiful things; namely fashion. We have forever been inspired by classic fashion houses as well as daring modern day designers; despite this, there are so many beautiful pieces that we want to make available to our customers. We want to provide you, our buyer with an amazing shopping experience that centres around accessible, wearable, and beautiful pieces. There are so many fashion icons before us who have inspired our label and our designs, as well as our love for style and fashion. At the core of our brand our pieces which elevate one’s wardrobes and are designed to be worn and remembered. Let that femininity shine, and a touch of allure ❤️

We focus on using beautiful and unique fabrics such as silk/satin and lace in our designs, to enhance the beauty and sophistication of our products; the most important thing for us is that our community feels amazing when wearing our products.  We have drawn on elements of style from different eras and different style icons in order to create our collections; we have always been inspired by the history of fashion. Our signature design, the — Dress signifies the beginning of Liberté for both of us, and the start of our journey.

At Liberté, we are strongly invested in environmental protection and we fully understand the impact which manufacturing processes have on the Earth. As we grow, we our consistently working on reducing our environmental impact, through choice of fabrics and materials that we use within all processes. In addition, we have chosen environmentally friendly, compostable packaging for you to receive your package in; don’t worry though, you’re still gonna love the unboxing process! 

We are constantly designing new collections and working to get them to the community. It’s our goal to continue to provide you with beautiful products that make you feel confident when you wear them. As we continue to explore the world of fashion, we are constantly inspired to bring beautiful pieces to you.